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Horoscope Making

A good horoscope with accurate birth details is the first step of astrology. The position of the Sun, Moon and other planets at the time of your birth can...


Career Consultation

Choosing the right career is imperative in life. Apprehensive about where your career is headed? Find out more about the direction you should steer your career...




Education and consequent success is often a nerve-wracking concern for many people. Through astrology, you can find out more about your own or your...


Though astrology is no medicine, but it can be a great tool to predict future health issues. Major health matters are easily foreseen from one’s astrological chart (kundali) and...



Astrological aspects are one of the established indicators of relationship compatibility. Inquire about your relationship compatibility...

Welcome to Astrology India

Astrology is the oldest known science in the human history. The word Astrology is made up of ‘Astro’ refers ‘Stars’ and ‘Logy’ or ‘Logos’ refers ‘Science’. Astrology is a study of stars and their effect on Human life. In ancient times, study of astrology was a must as it was A part of study of Vedas.
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